3/10/03 Recent Radio Interview

1/29/03 Recent Media Interviews


10/18/2002 Real Time announces updated Website. (release)

9/9/2002 Real Time announces new Support Website. (release)

8/16/2002 Linux Fax Server now available from Real Time.

1/16/2002 Improved Virus Scanning for Real Time's Linux Mail Servers.


9/14/2001 Real Time now offers customized Linux Training.

8/15/2001 A recent web server upgrade allows support of Java Servlets 2.3, Java Server Pages 1.1 and Enhydra 3 Applications. Related News...

8/13/2001 Code Red II clean-up tool.

3/23/01 Twin Cities Linux Solutions Conference set for April 12th at the Radisson South in Bloomington.

1/5/2001 SPOP-3/SIMAP now available so you can check your email from any location.


10/17/2000 Updates to web hosting allow access to cutting edge technology.

7/3/2000 Real Time adds web based e-mail access to mail server solution.

6/12/2000 IPSec allows network to network access in a secure fashion using the Internet.

3/30/2000 Real Time presents the Linux Solutions Conference, a one-day event filled with presentations, exhibitors and an InstallFest sponsored by TCLUG.


12/3/99 Real Time announces secure remote access technology using Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

9/27/99 TCLUG & Real Time promote Linux at InstallFest.

06/04/99 Check out our website´s new and improved search engine.


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