Linux Conference

The media is full of reports about the growth of Linux and its global popularity. SmallTuxAccurate information about the operating system and what it can really accomplish has been hard to find.

In response, Real Time Enterprises has sponsored two Twin Cities Linux Conferences in order to present hard data and general information on what Linux is and what it can do. Previous conference presentations covered local Linux success stories.

Last year´s conference included more technical presentations along with Sistina Software as a special guest. The Exhibitor Solution Centers showcased different suppliers of Linux products and services. TCLUG (Twin Cities Linux User Group) hosted the Install Fest, which gave people the opportunity to bring their own computer and have local area Linux experts help them install Linux, as well as checkout the variety of Linux distributions available.

Photos from last year´s Conference now available.

Check out the photos from the previous year´s Linux Conference.


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