Planning and Design

Most firms can execute a technology-driven project application. Customer-driven organizations such as ours, view your needs as a business process. Our role is to mentor our customers, so they can understand and assume the technological changes we have designed and developed.

Process Options

In determining the overall development plan, Real Time will proceed with the following steps:

  1. Our approach begins with a complete analysis of your needs, priorities and requirements.
  2. Real Time then works cooperatively with you to come up with an innovative solution, which then proceeds to the design phase of the project.
  3. In the design phase, a plan of action is put into place to make sure important details are addressed and to determine the overall scope of the project.
  4. This leads to the development phase where using the agreed upon tools and approach, the application begins to take form.
  5. When the scope of the project is met and tested, it can be deployed to a production environment.
  6. The process doesn't end there, user feedback is carefully monitored to address any issues.
  7. As the project moves into the maintain phase, the monitored concerns and suggestions are addressed.
  8. Here is where the project evolves or reenters the first step of the design phase - analysis.

The other option of project development follows Extreme Programming (XP) methodology. XP focuses on customer satisfaction and quick development cycles by breaking down the project into smaller steps that focus on features, feedback and changes. The typical development cycle includes:

  • The project owner writes up general feature requests called "user stories"
  • Features are ranked in order of importance
  • Estimates for the features are generated
  • Selected features are implemented
  • Release meetings are scheduled to show progress and allow for changes
  • Development and release meetings continue until the project is completed


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