Web Development

Real Time specializes in back-end web development. That is, we like to develop the back-end programming that makes powerful websites work.

The development staff utilizes a variety of technologies when developing websites, often combining one or more of them to get the results you are looking for. Some of the technologies we use are:

Database Solutions

Many times our solutions include databases, such as MySQL and Postgres or any ODBC database. Databases help us to create dynamic websites to keep your website up-to-date and to minimize your time maintaining your website.

Secure Websites

If you need a secure website, we also offer SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption using VeriSign SSL Server IDs, or Thawte Certification. If you'd like a secure website, we can assist you in getting a SSL Server ID from Versign or a SSL Certificate from Thawte. Please refer to VeriSign's website or Thawte's website for details on their pricing.


Many companies are seeing the value in selling their products on the web. If you are looking to develop an E-commerce website, we can help you. Our E-commerce solutions are designed with security and your goals in mind. We can customize an off-the-shelf product or develop an entire application for your site.


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