Customized Linux Training

To meet the specific educational needs of companies, Real Time Enterprises offers customized Linux training to ensure clients learn what they need to know about Linux.

Real Time has already completed several training sessions and we received great reviews. Attendees were impressed with the instructors and appreciated the concise material that gave them exactly what they were looking for.

Customized Linux Training is the result of 8 months of research into what people and companies need from Linux. Many people were disappointed with other, overly structured; training that gave a little bit of everything over 2-5 days. The attendees of these classes felt that much of the time was wasted on material they wouldn't use and the volume of information was too hard to retain.

Real Time's Customized Linux Training starts with conversations concerning general topics and specific issues that need to be covered. A final course list is presented and approved before the material is developed to make sure it meets everyone's expectations. Real Time's staff then researches the class topics and creates the course work. The classes are normally taught at the customer's location to reduce the time staff members are away from their daily tasks/projects and travel expenses; but an outside training facility can be set up for an extra charge.

Linux offers many companies the stability and flexibility they need for their changing networks. Real Time's Customized Linux Training provides organizations with the quickest and most cost effective way to take advantage of Linux.

Don't hesitate to call (952) 943-8700 to learn more about how you can take advantage of Real Time's Customized Linux Training.


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