What is Linux ?

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What is Linux ?

What is Linux ?

What is Linux ?



Previous Year vs Today

What is Linux ?

What is Linux Really?

The Distant Past

The Past

The Past Continues...


'Today 2000'

'Today 2001'

The Future

Linux Strength 2000

Linux Strength 2001

Linux Strength

Where Linux Needs to Improve 2000

Where Linux Needs to Improve 2001

The Future Workstations 2000

The Future Workstations 2001

Gnome Screenshot

KDE Screenshot

Evolution (mail client) Screenshot

The Future Servers 2000

The Future Servers 2001

The Future The Internet 2000

The Future The Internet 2001

Real Time Monitoring

MRTG Monitoring Bandwidth

Intrusion Detection (host based)

Network Intrusion Detection (NID)

The Future Integration 2000

The Future Integration 2001

The Future Support 2000

The Future Support 2001

Conclusion 2000

Conclusion 2001

Why Does Linux Work?

Why Does Linux Work? 2000

Why Does Linux Work? 2001

Open Source

What is Open Source?


The Bazaar

Why use Open Source Software

Real Time and Open Source

Questions and Answers





Author: Bob Tanner

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